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The Oscar Romero Award

The Oscar Romero Award

Participator Level award

At this level, the school will self-assess to see what they already do – how are they living their mission as a Catholic community? Do they already take part in any social justice awareness or promotion activities?

Participator Level descriptors

1. Strategic

  • Briefly summarise the school's policy statement agreed by the Governing Body about commitment to challenging injustice.
  • What does the school do that helps promote Catholic Social Teaching [CST]?
  • Outline the role of the person responsible for social justice or charity.

2. Curriculum

  • How do the students/pupils learn about causes of poverty or social justice issues?
  • In what ways do the students/pupils learn about climate change and living sustainably?
  • Outline how the school uses any resources from charities that promote justice and fairness in line with CST.

3. Practical

  • Describe briefly how the school raises money for local, national or international charities that support CST.
  • How does the school engage students/pupils in a leadership group?
  • Illustrate how the school is involved in raising awareness about any justice issue in line with CST.
  • In what ways does the school promote special justice awareness activities?