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The Oscar Romero Award

The Oscar Romero Award

Developer Level

At this level, the school community will be challenged to develop what they already do. The school develops an image that shows and identifies with the Church’s call of ‘preferential option for the poor.’  What impact do these activities have on the school community?

Developer Level descriptors

1. Strategic

Does the school have a policy statement agreed by the School Leadership and the Governing Body to promote  social justice? If so briefly summarise.

Does the school have a leader or group dedicated to promoting CST in the school and community? If so outline their role.

Ideas that might contribute to this section:

How is the school developing its continued promotion of CST e.g. is the leader or group actively seeking to involve students/pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and governors in its activities?

2. Curriculum

  • Describe how the themes of justice, fairness and equality connect through the curriculum.
  • In what ways do you refer to CST in your curriculum and lessons?
  • Does the school invite guest speakers to talk about poverty and social justice issues? Give some examples.
  • Does the school arrange visits/trips that promote student’s awareness about justice? Briefly describe.

3. Practical

    Identify the composition of the group that supports CST in your school.

In what ways is the CST group active in promoting justice and fairness in:

  1.  your school
  2.  the local community
  3.  and national campaigns?

    Summarise any opportunities for staff to take part in development activities that will enrich their understanding of CST.

    Outline how members of the whole school community have a shared commitment to promoting the Gospel values of justice.