Available Support

What support is available?

As a Validator you will not work alone, especially at the beginning. You will usually work in a team or at least with one other Validator.

You will be given training to ensure that you perform your tasks effectively and efficiently. Every online validation you complete will need to be reviewed by another Validator for quality assurance.

You will be given training on how to apply the level descriptors and also on how to write your reports.

You will also be required to attend compulsory and statutory safeguarding training to ensure that you work safely with all the young people you come in contact with. You will be required to undertake a refresher online safeguarding training at least once a year to keep you up to date with any statutory changes in safeguarding regulations and expectations.

Once you completed your initial training, further occasional training opportunities will be offered as well as meetings with other Validators in the diocese or region.

The Oscar Romero Award Trust will pay necessary travel expenses at its standard rate, currently 45p per mile and you will be supported and steered in your work by the Award’s Co-ordinator and Lead Validator.