Developer Level

At this level, the school community will be challenged to develop what they already do. The school develops an image that shows and identifies with the Church’s call of ‘preferential option for the poor.’  What impact do these activities have on the school community?

Selection of Evidence

Select targeted exemplars to reflect the comments you have made in your summary statements.

Appropriately name each evidence type e.g. Pay Policy, SoW.

Ensure you load only evidence which can be accessed from your submission.  There is a limit to the size of file which can be added.  Currently, there is not the capacity to accept video material except via a YouTube link.

Developer Level Descriptors

1. Strategic

How is Catholic Social Teaching (CST) driving the development of the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and/or School policies?  Outline the impact with appropriate examples?

How does the leadership of the school strategically promote CST principles and measure its impact?

If the school is a member of a MAT, how and to whom does the Governing Body and/or SLT feedback to ensure CST is included in strategic decision-making?  Briefly describe with any examples.

How does the dedicated leader and/or group promote and develop CST in the school and community? 

Ideas that might contribute to this section:

Examples of how the leadership ensures that CST is implemented throughout the school, e.g. Performance Management targets for staff, extracurricular activities/programmes, INSET and Induction programmes, new staff guide.

Evidence of how CST is driving the development of MAT/school policies, e.g. does the Behaviour Policy/Pay Policy explicitly mention how they relate to the promotion of CST, Governors and/or SLT Minutes?

Evidence of how the school tries to influence the development of MAT policies and strategic planning e.g. through correspondence including emails, minutes of meetings, Head's forums etc

How has the school further developed any of its policies and practices to promote CST e.g. in the light of what was learnt from achieving the Participator Level?

How has the school taken strategic decisions which promote CST e.g. support for the wider community, struggling families, vulnerable children etc?

How is the school developing its continued promotion of CST e.g. in what ways is the leader or group actively seeking to involve students/pupils, teachers, support staff, parents and governors in its activities?

2. Curriculum

Are themes of CST evident in a number of curriculum areas?  If so, how?

How does the school engage with the key themes of the Encyclicals Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti?

Does the school arrange visits/trips or invite guest speakers in order to develop student’s/pupil’s awareness about social justice issues?  Give some examples.

How does the school engage Governors and Parents in understanding how the curriculum is underpinned by CST?

Ideas that might contribute to this section:

Exemplars e.g. S.O.W, lesson plans including student's/pupil’s work from a number of different subject areas.

Evidence of support, e.g. examples of where support is being given to subject areas who are in the process of embedding CST into their S.O.W.

Exemplars through student/pupil work or photographs e.g. to illustrate the impact of visiting speakers and visits outside the classroom or national or international campaigns, including any follow-up actions on raising awareness of social justice issues.

Exemplars e.g. newsletters, parent surveys, parents information evenings, Governors minutes

Evidence of the impact of the use of school resources to support vulnerable groups, e.g. progress data, improved attendance and engagement, targeted lessons

3. Practical

Outline how members of the whole school community have a shared vision and commitment to promoting the Gospel values of justice.

Summarise any opportunities for staff to take part in development activities to enrich and cultivate their understanding of CST.

Identify the composition of any groups that support CST in your school, outline in what ways the group is active in promoting justice and fairness and its impact in:

  1.  your school
  2.  the local community
  3.  and national campaigns?

Ideas that might contribute to this section:

Evidence of any support for staff to enhance their well-being

Exemplars/Photographs e.g. evidence from the CST work of pupils/students, activities involving pupils/students/parents or governors

Examples of pupil/student-led activities e.g. Pupil/Student Voice and how this impacts on the life of the school community and its decision-making

Examples of any activities in which the school has engaged to support the wider community, vulnerable groups, families.