Development Plan and Vision


‘Education in a Catholic school is offered as a service to enable all to develop their talents to the full and fulfil their unique role in creation’ - Catholic Education Service.

Catholic schools are an integral part of the mission of the Catholic Church; to make known the message of God’s love for humanity and the world as revealed to us in the life, words and example of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the message of Jesus Christ is at the heart of everything that happens in a Catholic school.

The mission of the Oscar Romero Award Trust is to work with education institutions through effective partnerships to transform the hearts and minds of the school community to promote justice and uphold human dignity, and that Catholic and other Christian education institutions will be inspired by the example of St. Oscar Romero to promote Catholic Social Teaching.

The aim of the Award is twofold:

  1. To recognise and celebrate all that a school does as a Christian community that enables individuals in their community and beyond to live life to the full
  2. To challenge the school community to continue finding ways of being ‘good news’ to all in their community and beyond 

This document sets out the vision and strategy of the Oscar Romero Award Trust as it begins to attract schools from across the country. 

Between 2023 and 2027, the Oscar Romero Award Trust will:

  1. Promote a framework that will enable schools to reflect and promote Catholic Social Teaching
  2. Develop meaningful partnership with like-minded organisations to ensure its growth and development in promoting evangelisation in schools.

To fulfil this mission, the Romero Award Trust will pursue the following five goals:

1. Build stronger relationships between Catholic schools, the Church; schools of other Christian denominations; and organisations that promote Catholic Social Teaching 

2. Strengthen programmes within Catholic schools that promote Catholic Social Teaching

3. Deepen the identity of schools in their commitment to their faith

4. Develop organisational agility and competence within the Trust

5. Ensure sustainability through stewardship of resources