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The Oscar Romero Award

The Oscar Romero Award

Innovator Level

At this level, the school community is challenged to become fully alive, working to promote social justice awareness both locally and beyond the school. The school actively changing the culture of its practise and life so that young people see it as their duty to challenge inequality wherever they see it. The school’s commitment to social justice and awareness is visible and its impact is tangible, measurable and sustainable.

Innovator Level descriptors

1. Strategic

  • Identify how the School SLT and Governing Body monitor, challenge and evaluate the impact of this commitment.
  • Is this part of the School’s Development plan? Briefly illustrate.
  • Summarise any INSET for staff which helps them to develop and deepen their understanding of CST.

2. Curriculum

  • How is learning about justice, fairness and equality embedded across the curriculum?
  • Illustrate how the school is developing resources that directly refer to CST to share with other schools.
  • Briefly outline how students/pupils actively take a lead in evaluating the schemes of work and their learning about justice awareness.

3. Practical

  • How visible is the school’s commitment to social justice?
  • Demonstrate the school's support for a project that aims to alleviate poverty and promote justice and fairness locally, nationally or in the global south.
  • How does the school empower and celebrate the contribution of student/pupil leadership to the school?
  • Does the school have an annual Justice Awareness Week? Briefly outline.
  • Describe how the school works with other schools to promote justice and fairness – hold conferences?
  • In what ways is the school a source of inspiration and evangelisation?