Our Award

A framework that supports Catholic schools to recognise and celebrate what they do to promote CST and challenge them to weave CST into the culture and ethos of the school – strategic planning, curriculum development and practical choices.

Our work advances the key Christian teaching of love of God and neighbour through key CST principles:

  1. Dignity of the human person – we ask whether the policies and strategic decisions that school takes promote the value and worth of each person – both pupils and staff - as a child of God.
  2. Option for the poor – our framework asks whether schools make extra effort to support pupils who are ‘poor’ in broadest sense of the term. This can be those who are educationally poor but also those who are materially poor.
  3. The common good – we ask how schools are places of equity for all. How does the school promote diversity and inclusion among staff and pupils, and enable each to achieve their best – to be experience a full life?
  4. Solidarity – the framework asks schools how they are standing up for others who are ‘othered’ and left behind? Importantly for us, it is not just about pupils but also members of staff and the wider community.
  5. Care for creation – in the practical strand, we ask how the school is promoting the care of creation in its strategic, curriculum and practical ways.
  6. Dignity of work and participation – in the strategic strand we ask how school leaders are enabling all their staff to fulfil their potential by treating them with dignity and respect.
  7. Peace – the award asks how schools are promoting reconciliation, forgiveness and understanding between members of its community as well as in other communities.

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